UEC recently helped Father Joseph Mulroney of St Mary’s, Reseda in the SF Valley  provide power to the Church’s Electric NIssan Leaf. The car is used to distribute donated food to homeless Street Kids here in LA.

We gave the father a FREE Drone Roof inspection (available with no obligation)  so he could see  clearly what was up above. He loves doing more good with the power that is generated by the very Church  Roof itself..

UEC has a complete in house Client Account Management team that can plan your setup out and coordinate all members of the team, including setup crew, the engineering design team and outside LA City and utility inspectors. They'll keep you apprised of. Job status each step of the way. Our technology strategy enables us to economically handle solar facilities from start to finish, which saves cash and time on YOUR job. Our in house applications gives our team instant digital access to photographs, engineering drawings, initial website survey measurements and your project plan and monitors the status of each job, all in order that people keep your project on schedule

Every UEC solar power project begins with a dialogue that is quick to see if solar is right for you. We'll have a take a closer look at the roof using satellite imaging and discuss your energy use. If everything seems great, we are going to prepare a totally free customized estimate.  Your personalized solar power proposal for the next two decades, dependant upon your funding alternative. You will locate it and the most crucial details on the front page of the deal right. There are not any hidden fees, but you will find a lot of warranties and guarantees that shield you as well as your home. Learn More

Here at UEC Solar it's fundamental to keep all stages under the same roof not only to provide the best prices but the control the quality of install and system performance.

We use top of the line materials combine with our 25 years warranty for parts and labor.

Independent  REVIEWS 

1 2 3 4 5 Reviewed Feb 17, 2017

UEC Solar was a breath of fresh air amidst a vast array of competing and often confusing solar contractors. Suggested by energy, UEC Solar and its attentive and capable staff came in with a very competitive bid, was direct and forthright in designing a solar panel system for ... READ MORE ON REVIEW SITE



1 2 3 4 5 Reviewed Jan 03, 2016

We reviewed 8 quotes thru EnergySage, including the quote from U.E.C. Solar. After meeting with their company representative, who patiently answered all our questions, we were even more impressed. U.E.C. Solar had all the products and services we were looking for, at a reasonable price. Their  READ MORE ON REVIEW SITE



1 2 3 4 5 Reviewed Jun 05, 2016

I can highly recommend UEC Solar. Diego was extremely nice. After we placed the order everything moved along in a timely manner. The installation was quick and efficient. They had to make an unexpected change to our electrical bax and did so at their cost. Our only snag was an .. READ MORE ON REVIEW SITE



1 2 3 4 5 Reviewed May 06, 2016

When we decide to go solar my wife start to research and interviewed 3 different companies, UEC solar came on top by far with the best panels and best price (LG 300w and solar edge).Steve spend over 3 hours explaining the saving and the financial benefits by going solar  READ MORE ON REVIEW SITE



1 2 3 4 Reviewed May 06, 2016

UEC Solar did a great job of presentation,quality of products ,installation and the operational staff stood behind their work with time lines and guidance as far as every step of the process. It's hard to fined a company who is honest and professional and I can tell you we …